JustOn: Most flexible, standard billing solution and a great team. In an enterprise with a mixed system landscape of Salesforce, SAP, in-house billing system and others, JustOn allowed us to reduce data redundancy by one system. We gained a lot of opportunities in bringing Sales and billing data, system and processes closer together. Being used to an in-house billing solution we had build to our own individual needs, JustOn allowed us to get a standard solution in, while all individual needs could be covered by custom code. The biggest challenge for the implementation had been our very complex, non-standard business price rules that required being most flexible for future adjustments and updates. Our invoicing is a recurring monthly billing based on usage data imported from our own production. We are convinced that we have made the right decision with the JustOn App based on an open platform (Salesforce). We are more than satisfied with the JustOn team being very experienced, professional and great to work with.

Ethel Gürten, Adtech

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