Banking in Salesforce

Automatic EBICS-compliant banking in Salesforce

Automatic Banking in Salesforce

JustOn Cash Management enables EBICS-compliant banking and thus automatic, secure data exchange between Salesforce CRM or Salesforce applications and banks.

In compliance with the European Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS), companies can use the app to manage incoming payments, trigger SEPA direct debits and reconcile transactions automatically.

Protection for sensitive financial data

The bank connection via the European communication standard EBICS guarantees the best possible protection for sensitive financial data and enables flexible communication with multiple banks (multibanking).

The EBICS-compliant bank integration receives payment information directly without third-party providers, imports it into Salesforce CRM and matches it to the corresponding outstanding receivable.


Overview of all banking data

Automatic banking via JustOn Cash Management offers one advantage above all.

All bank data, i.e. outgoing and incoming payments are mapped transparently, providing an overview of cash flow at all times.

Native Salesforce development

The bank integration, developed natively on Salesforce, integrates seamlessly with other JustOn products and all major ISV applications available on the Salesforce marketplace AppExchange – including Salesforce CPQ & Billing and Salesforce Order Management, as well as any custom object that maps a receivable.

Users work in the familiar Salesforce user interface with the security and effectiveness of the world’s best CRM platform.

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