SCHUFA credit information B2B

SCHUFA credit checks for the B2B sector

More trust and security

The application can be used to quickly and easily create three types of SCHUFA credit information in the B2B sector:

  • SCHUFA Short Inquiry
  • SCHUFA Short Inquiry Direct
  • SCHUFA Compact Inquiry
  • SCHUFA Full Inquiry

The integrated monitoring automatically updates the data and informs you about changes.

Brief information for a compressed overview

The short inquiry offers reliable data that provides you with a compressed overview of the liquidity of (potential) business partners.

This type of information is suitable for deals whose loss would represent a small to medium business risk.

Compact and full credit information

The compact and full inquiry provide more detailed information on the creditworthiness of potential and existing customers.

Based on a broader database, it offers your company even more security. They are a good choice for checking the liquidity of business partners before concluding an order with a larger volume.

This way, you can prevent non-payments, which represent a medium to large business risk.

Automatic Monitoring for B2B

The SCHUFA reporting service as an automatic monitoring function is ideal for companies that want to keep an eye on the current financial situation of their B2B business partners. Using this functionality, you can retrieve regularly updated liquidity information from SCHUFA.

If you have ordered the reporting service for the account of an existing customer, a new report is automatically generated and assigned to the customer account as soon as new data is available. You can then compare the current data with previous reports in order to analyze the credit rating history, identify trends at an early stage, and minimize risks.

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