SCHUFA credit information

Automatic SCHUFA credit check for Salesforce


Safe time and money

Reduce your administrative effort with automatic SCHUFA credit information.

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Minimize financial risks

Check your customers’ liquidity and reduce the risk of non-payment.


Strengthen relationships

Create the basis for sustainable and trusting customer relations.

More trust and security

Long-term customer relationships are based on transparency and trust. Check the liquidity of your business partners directly in Salesforce.

You can use our software to automatically retrieve SCHUFA information. We offer various types of reports for the B2B and B2C sectors provided by our partner SCHUFA.

Selection of credit information

JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries allows you to retrieve different types of SCHUFA information. For the B2B area, companies benefit from:

  • SCHUFA Short Inquiry
  • SCHUFA Short Inquiry Direct
  • SCHUFA Compact Inquiry
  • SCHUFA Full Inquiry
  • SCHUFA Monitoring

In the B2C sector, the following SCHUFA checks are particularly relevant:

  • SCHUFA Inquiry
  • SCHUFA Identity Check

All types of SCHUFA information are directly accessible in our Salesforce application and can be retrieved from there for each account.

Retrieval based on a legitimate interest

In order to request a SCHUFA inquiry, you must indicate a legitimate interest within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). The basis is a contractually fixed business relationship between your company and your customers. JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries supports the following legitimate interest types for B2B-type inquiries:

  • Ownership structure
  • Credit check
  • Receivable
  • Initial business contact
  • Credit decision
  • Overdue claim
  • Insurance contract
  • Enforcement information

Automatic Monitoring

In addition to the situational assessment of the creditworthiness of business partners, the app provides the SCHUFA monitoring. Companies operating in the B2B sector can access updated information at any time via permanent monitoring.

This enables companies to compare SCHUFA credit information and to better assess opportunities and risks even beyond the conclusion of the transaction.

Storage of the information

Each requested inquiry is saved directly at the customer account in Salesforce.

There, it can be opened and downloaded as pdf document.

The automatic SCHUFA check for Salesforce complements your 360-degree customer view and reduces the risk of non-payment.

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