Analytics and Reports

Data analytics for successful liquidity management

Key metrics at a glance

In addition to the automatic invoicing & payment management, JustOn offers a flexible analytics system.

Using preconfigured reports, which you can easily adjust to your needs, you always keep track of finances, customers and key performance indicators.

Data evaluation becomes the basis for creating value and new business models, thus becoming a genuine value itself.

Real-time revenue data

JustOn gives you real-time access to your revenue data. On this basis, you can develop new business models, improve the customer loyality and control your company purposefully using financial metrics.

The automated reporting system of JustOn shows for example insights into recurring revenue, one-time revenue and usage-based data.

The consistent use and analysis of data becomes an important driving force for your company’s growth.

Overview of revenues and KPI

Our data analytics and reports not only give you an overview of your revenues, but also of all relevant key performance indicators (KPI).

Automated reports and analyses also enable you to evaluate key performance indicators in a well-founded manner:

360-Degree Customer View

Analytics and reports are gaining ever more importance with respect to the customer and the customer churn. Transparent reports show the payment behaviour, which can be used to forecast future customer behavior, detect customer churn at an early stage and, at best, prevent it.

JustOn offers a reporting system, that combines different data:

  • Customer and usage-based data
  • Trouble ticket and order management data
  • Invoicing and accounting data

Based on customized reports, you can create customer profiles that help you to improve the customer loyality.

Data analysis as key to success

The JustOn analytics system enables revenue forecasts, becoming the sound base for the future development of your business, your products and services.

The enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities, which include contract-based data, and the view on relevant key indicators allow you to generate, for example, real-time previews of expected revenue based on current contracts or subscriptions.

JustOn also considers the accrued liabilities. The accrual represents a particular challenge in revenue forecasting because sales are not always posted in the period in which they are settled (revenue recognition).

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