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The company JustOn was founded in 2010 in Jena (Germany). It stands for the successful, cloud-based automation of billing and invoicing processes.


We are a leading provider of billing and invoice management on the Salesforce Platform and support companies to realize their digitization strategy.


With our innovative software JustOn Billing & Invoice Management, SMBs worldwide monetize every business model directly. Our customers save time and money and can evaluate their key metrics at any time.


JustOn offers more than just creating invoices or monetizing a single business model.

The software allows companies to invoice recurring pricing models, usage-based data, commissions, and one-time purchases of products or services.


As a result, our customers can broaden their product offering – presenting more and flexible selling propositions. This way, JustOn makes a significant contribution to increasing sales and maximizing customer lifetime value.


Worldwide, well-known companies trust in JustOn, for instance the US group Oath and German startups like Delivery Hero. We have helped them to detect revenue leakage, to monetize any sales idea and to provide the analysis that they need to grow their business.

Our Management



Sten Grimmer is COO of the JustOn GmbH. After studying sports science, economics and psychology (M.A.) and obtaining a doctorate in biomechanics (Dr. phil.), he worked as a scientist engaged in the analysis, evaluation and modeling of biological movements as well as their transfer to robotics. In parallel, he gained experience in a medical technology startup and worked as a product manager and expert in analysis equipment. Since 2012, Sten Grimmer is part of our team. He focuses on the business models of our customers - always aiming at developing the JustOn software products as simple as flexible.



Marko Fliege is CEO and founder of the JustOn GmbH, a full service billing and invoicing provider with headquarters in Jena, Germany. The graduate industrial engineer (Portsmouth, Jena) has 20 years of experience in developing and marketing software solutions for e-commerce and e-invoicing. In 2010 Marko Fliege founded the JustOn GmbH with the aim of producing an easy-to-use business software that automates and simplifies billing and invoice management processes.

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In the last years we have built up a strong international team. Each of our employees is a part of our success story.

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Our Partners

Technology Partners

On the one hand, we integrate the software technologies of our partners with JustOn, providing our customers more functionality and a better product. On the other hand, our technology partners integrate JustOn functions and services with their solutions. Mutual integration means: improved marketability, increased sales and happier customers for both sides.

Implementation Partners

We work closely with selected implementation partners worldwide. Together with us, they introduce JustOn Billing & Invoice Management to customers who want to digitize and automate their finance processes. Our expertise in digital billing and invoicing gives our partners the security of successfully implementing their projects.

Network Partners

Our network partners can expand their portfolio with our comprehensive consulting expertise in the areas of digitization and automation of invoicing processes. Inversely, they help us to increase the international visibility and awareness of our software solution.

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