Automatic payment reconciliation

Matching of payments with invoices in Salesforce

Payment reconciliation via online banking

JustOn Cash Management connects your bank accounts via an EBICS-compliant integration with Salesforce and checks the incoming payments. It does not matter whether the payment was effected via a payment service provider, a SEPA direct debit or directly.

The system automatically matches incoming payments to your receivables stored in Salesforce. After successful matching, it completes the settlement, reconciling the receivables with the payments.

Direct connection to dunning processes

If payments have not been received, the system can n ow trigger the automatic dunning run to generate and send reminders and dunning letters.

Of course, you can use the automatic payment reconciliation and the following dunning process regardless of location and at any time, as they are 100% integrated into the Salesforce platform.

KPI at a glance

Automatic payment reconciliation is an important basis for successful liquidity management: It ensures that payments are received reliably and on time.

The extensive analysis functions of our software are helpful in this regard. Preconfigured or individual reports give you an overview of all transactions and your current cash flow. In addition, the analysis of the payment reconciliation helps you to make forecasts on customer churn.

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