SCHUFA credit information B2C

SCHUFA credit checks for the B2C sector

Reliable information for the B2C sector

For companies that work in direct contact with end customers, JustOn SCHUFA Inquiries offers the following types of SCHUFA credit information B2C.

  • SCHUFA Inquiry
  • SCHUFA Identity Check

SCHUFA information for end customers

Benefit from SCHUFA information B2C.

You receive reliable information on the creditworthiness of your customers, information on non-contractual business transactions and data from public directories and official announcements.

SCHUFA identity check

The SCHUFA Identity Check provides you with important information on natural persons.

Using the SCHUFA Identity Check, you can actively protect yourself against identity fraud, for example. By comparing the specified personal data with the SCHUFA database, you gain clarity about the identity of your customer.

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