Office and Facility Management

E-invoicing saves time and money

Wide range of services

Office and facility management is a specialized market within the area of property technologies, which has developed into a strong, independent industry over the past decades.

Areas of Applications

The industry’s portfolio now includes not only facility maintenance, property cleaning and asset management, but also a wide range of other services around buildings, homes and offices. They include, for example, security services, coffee deliveries or indoor plant rentals. Managing intelligent facility technologies will soon become a key area of this industry.

Automated Billing & Invoicing

The industry is progressively digitizing its extensive range of services. To avoid media disruptions right from the start, the logical conclusion is to introduce a flexible software for automating billing and invoicing processes. Particularly in smart facility technologies, it is worthwhile to directly connect the data recording systems with the specialized billing solutions. This is the way for a business to develop and optimize its core competencies.

  • JustOn provides solutions

    • ✓ Automatic generation of a large number of outgoing invoices
    • Monetizing complex business models
    • ✓ Keeping up with growing customer needs




    • ✓ Very different customer requirements
    • ✓ Different building sizes and use types
    • ✓ Customer-specific packages, pricing models and payment practices
    • ✓ Transparency in invoicing
    • ✓ Contract data mapping
    • ✓ Capturing, processing, and billing of consumption data
    • ✓ Invoicing recurring and one-time services
    • ✓ Frequent changes in pricing models 
    • Flexibility in pricing

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