Hosting Services

Automatic Invoicing as a Customer Retention Tool

Customer focus matters

For many years, hosting has been a fast-growing area in the internet industry. Using the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, providers offer hardware, software, storage and other infrastructure components. Given the large number of competitors, the market is likely to be saturated. And this increases the competition for offers and customers.

Areas of Application

  • Website hosting
  • Online storage offer
  • Email hosting
  • Contact and calendar management
  • Internet domain hosting
  • Virtual or physical server hosting
  • Software systems hosting, like webshop, CRM, CMS

Automated Billing and Invoicing

In order to keep customer churn to a minimum, providers must constantly develop and optimize their business model — with a strong focus on the market and customer needs. The only way to achieve this is to automate time-consuming processes such as invoice processing.


  • JustOn provides solutions

    • ✓ Automatic generation of a large number of outgoing invoices
    • Invoicing of complex business models
    • ✓ Tax compliant invoicing, worldwide




    • ✓ Invoicing Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions
    • ✓ Invoicing models based on subscriptions, one-time sales, commissions or discounts
    • ✓ Billing consumption data
    • ✓ Flexible and infinite variety in pricing models
    • ✓ Self service capabilities

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