Monetize all your ideas

With JustOn the finance department gets in the drivers seat and is not only providing pure data. The JustOn billing engine continuously generates invoices which gives real-time access to the actual revenue data. As a result you make informed decisions and you predict your business better.

You acquire more customers and – even more important – you retain them.

With JustOn you have the business model flexibility that you need to grow your business; you can combine recurring models with usage based pricing. Together with your sales team you can launch new pricing plans in minutes. JustOn is built for the fast changing digital economy.



Integrated, flexible contract management

JustOn makes it easy to convert your sales opportunities into contracts. The contract builds the basis for your invoicing. It is the central place for controlling and growing your business once the customer is won. No matter if it is a subscription or a usage based pricing model, JustOn provides you with a lot of pre-configured business and pricing models.

  • Set contract run time with start and end dates
  • Configure auto-renewals and cancellation terms
  • Setup automatic price indexation
  • Support for flexible invoice distribution channels (email, print, xml)
  • Unlimited possibilities to configure your products and services with support for recurring, usage-based and one-time billing
  • Setup commission based contracts
  • Support for item discounts



Unlimited pricing options

With JustOn you can define the pricing models, plans and bundles that your customers require. Flat rates, tiered prices, bundled pricing with a minimum fee. JustOn does not limit the creativity of your sales team.

  • Tiered pricing
  • Support for prices with start and end date
  • Configure various tax classes for products and services
  • Configure daily, monthly and yearly prices and setup different billing periods



Financial reporting supporting growth

With JustOn you grow your business as you get deeper insights in your recurring revenue business. Combined with real-time feedback on your usage data it helps you identifying opportunities for new offerings and strengthens customer retention. JustOn revenue analytics provides pre-configured reports for most relevant key performance metrics like MRR, CLV, retention and churn rates and more. It is easy to use so that you can tailor it to your needs.

  • Use a large number of pre-configured reports
  • Adjust reports to fit your business
  • Dynamic dashbords and interactive reports enable you to drill into your data