Exceptional app along with great support and onboarding. The JustOn team worked very closely with us to configure their invoicing solution to our unique business requirements. The team involved, especially Sten, made sure to understand the specific nuances of our setup. That did result in a solution that really fits our needs and makes our life easier.

Philipp Frank, Propertybase

Great solution for our ISV subscription business. Propertybase is a Salesforce ISV partner since 2008 and with JustOn we finally have the billing solution which covers all the details of our subscription and service business. We have set up the JustOn billing system 1.5 years ago and are more than pleased with the results. As CEO of the company, I finally got all the MRR/ACV details for forecasting as well as renewal details in an easy and real time overview. In addition, we could streamline our back office processes and add necessary automation which helped us to scale the business from an administrational perspective. The onboarding was smooth and quick although we had a comprehensive data set from clients in 60+ countries with multiple currencies. The just.on team understood our processes right from the beginning and has a deep knowledge about subscription based businesses as well as taxation and how to handle this if you conduct business in many countries. I personally want to thank Sten Grimmer from JustOn who understands billing like no other. He has managed our team and his own staff in a very efficient and successful way.

(Max-Michael Mayer, Propertybase)

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