Invoice Management

Invoice Generation: Automatically, Fast, Correct

JustOn’s invoice management handles your invoicing process:


The software automatically captures customer and contract data as well as product and price information from your backend systems.


It prepares this data, and generates, distributes and archives your invoices.


In all cases, you define the billing details, the level of automation and the invoice design.

Invoicing via Automatic Invoice Run

The invoice run is the core concept of JustOn’s invoice management. Based on the retrieved data, it generates invoices, pro forma invoices or credits, where you always determine the level of automation.

The automatic invoice run performs the following steps:

  • Retrieving customer and contract data
  • Retrieving product and price information
  • Preparing invoice data
  • Generating and updating draft invoices
  • Updating draft invoices
  • Generating invoices, pro forma invoices and credits

JustOn also allows for:

  • Canceling invoices
  • Creating invoices manually
  • Triggering partial credits, settlements or refunds
  • Defining invoice runs for different invoicing periods
  • Starting invoice runs manually or automatically
  • Centrally generating invoices for multiple subsidiaries

Invoices in Your Corporate Design

With JustOn’s invoice management, you create invoices exactly as you need. The software offers versatile layout and design options, and ships multiple invoice templates, which you can adjust to your corporate design.

In detail, JustOn provides:

  • Versatile options for your invoice layout and design
  • Options for defining e-mail content
  • Support for many languages
  • Multiple number and data formats
  • Multiple options to display usage data
  • Different layouts for multiple tenants or subsidiaries

Tax-Compliant Invoicing

Define your invoice currency and configure different tax classes for your products and services, and invoice them in compliance with the relevant tax regulations – at home and abroad.

Depeding on your business requirements, you can

  • Internally calculate taxes based on given tax rates or on tax rates as determined by tax rules,
  • Pass through precalculated tax data as taken from an external system, like a shop,
  • Integrate external tax providers to calculate the taxes.


JustOn supports the AvaTax service from Avalara. Thanks to this integration, you invoice your products and services always in compliance with the complex sales tax rules of the United States or Canada. This feature supports

  • Value Added Tax
  • Sales Tax and Use Tax in the USA
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST), Provincial Sales Tax (PST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HAST) in Canada

Invoice Distribution and Storage

JustOn automatically distributes and archives your invoices. Choose the variant your customers want from different distribution channels.

JustOn supports multiple channels for distributing invoices:

  • Distribution via mail
  • E-mail distribution of PDF documents
  • Integration with e-invoicing services like Basware
  • Upload to cloud storage services like Google Drive or Amazon S3
  • Convenient invoice archiving

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