Professional Services

Automated invoicing enables professional service providers to focus on their core business

Digitisation reinforces knowledge intensive business services (KIBS)

Professional services – as providers of knowledge intensive and consulting services – belong to a growing industry. Specific to this segment is the strong focus of experts on their specialised tasks. A decisive step towards the future can be taken with the help of digitisation.

Various fields of application

  • Management consultancy
  • Human resources consulting
  • Engineering offices
  • Law firms
  • Financial Auditors
  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Software system providers

Automated Billing & Invoicing

Even more than in other industries, it is important to reduce high administrative costs in the sector of professional services. In this way the experts can concentrate on their core competencies: knowledge and consulting. Digitised and thus automated processes in the administration of clients, projects, billing, invoicing and accounting help to reach this target.
  • JustOn offers Solutions

    • ✓ Automatic generation of mass invoices 
    • ✓ Monetizing of complex business models 
    • ✓ Individuel customer needs




    • ✓ Linking of customer, project and invoice management 
    • ✓ Parallel billing and invoicing of different price models (hourly rates, value price model)
    • ✓ Invoicing of one time sales, recurring and transaction based payments 
    • ✓ Clearly arranged documents
    • ✓ Collecting and analysing data 

More information

Benefits for professional services at a glance

Automated processes as success factor

Automatic billing and invoicing processes reduce the administrative effort in your company and ensure long-term success.

Integration in existing systems

By linking customer data, project management and digital billing, collected data can be monetized directly.

Monetization of every business model

Configure and monetize any pricing model: whether it is based on recurring fees, hourly rates or value pricing.

Invoices at a click

JustOn Billing & Invoice Management automatically accesses to all relevant data and generates clear invoices.

Added value with the help of data analysis

Create detailed reports and data analysis that will help you constantly improve your offers and retain customers in the long term.

Recipe for Success: satisfied customers

Meet the needs of your customers – through better service, transparent invoices, individual price and payment models.

E-Invoicing für Professional Services


Im Whitepaper « E-Invoicing für Professional Services. Mehr Erfolg durch weniger administrativen Aufwand » lesen Sie, wie sich Abrechnungsprozesse in Professional-Service-Unternehmen automatisieren lassen.

Erfahren Sie, vor welchen besonderen Herausforderungen diese Branche steht und wie sie diese mit Hilfe von innovativer Rechnungssoftware bewältigen.

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