Simple, affordable billing platform that just works. I have been a Salesforce user and admin for around 15 years, to qualify my level of experience. This is the second time (second company) I have bought and implemented JustOn for billing. The company is very easy to deal with, really helpful bunch of guys. The pricing model is simple, very affordable and fits small or large companies. It has a few quirks (mainly due to Salesforce I would add) but their support help you through. Second time round, I had billing working in a couple of days and migrated all current invoices in two more. It handles one-time and recurring billing very well. Just make sure you spend the time to understand the concepts before you start. We currently do it manually, so when a deal closes, we create a Salesforce contract, then the JustOn subscription and add the products from Salesforce manually as it gives us a chance to amend any text for the invoice and ensure the invoice is right. Overtime, when the volume grows we will probably move to automatically creating the subscriptions from the opportunity, which looks quite easy to do. Invoicing is so simple now, just one click, enter the dates and done. We can then easily check the run, amend any quantities (we have variable use) and send. Could not be easier. We then just dump the run to a CSV and import straight into Xero. Again very easy. I have previously implemented Salesforce CPQ and other billing platforms and this is my favourite.

Gareth Lush, DataVita