Deutsche Technikberatung

Review after 12 months of intensive use. First of all, we use JustOn for invoicing, bookkeeping exports & our dunning process. The solution is increadibly well thought-through. There have been countless instances where we needed a feature and JustOn support replied with 'its already there, let me explain & activate it for you'. The application protects all legal requirements while still maintaining a possibility to customize based on customer needs. Working with JustOn is considerably more easy than all previous applications we have tried in this section and saves us a lot of time. My most important point to note would be the support; there was always a friendly, helpful support person ready within a day of submitting our ticket. Quality and customer satisfaction were always assured and they took time to think of the best solution, help us improve our Salesforce org and overall save time & money.

Moritz von der Weydt, Deutsche Technikberatung

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Granite Consulting

Powerful Features and Excellent Support!! I have been using JustOn for a few years now and this is one of the best business apps I have used. I say this for very specific reasons.
1) The product is excellent at invoicing complex revenue arrangements. Our company has very specific and complex requirements when it comes to billing and JustOn has automated some very manual billing process.
2) The service and support is outstanding! From Marko the CEO to Manuel in Support, everyone at JustOn is helpful and customer focused. They are also just plain smart!
3) The product is continually improved, and upgrades are painless.
Business is fast past and fluid these days. JustOn will keep up with whatever you have in mind!

Michael Bechara, Granite Consulting

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Great product and very good implementation and support. I would like to share the excellent experience i had with the Team of JustOn from the beginning. I had a super fast implementation phase and then the support team was always responsive in order to get bills out in the beginning. So i can only recommand getting JustOn into Salesforce for anyone. Knowledgeable team and very impressive product.

Alexander Ramseier, Futurebuilt

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Smooth integration of billing within Salesforce standard processes. As an enterprise with various services we need a billing solution that can handle these different kinds of billing types as subscriptions, usage data, fixed price projects etc. JustOn is able to deal with each of them by default. It can easily be integrated into the standard Salesforce processes for order management, what was crucial for us. A very competent and committed customer support completes this good solution.

(Stephan Franke, Communicode)

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