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Automatic invoicing as instrument for customer loyalty

Customer orientation matters

For many years, the hosting industry has been a fast-growing business sector of the internet sector. Through the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, providers offer hardware, software, storage and other infrastructure components. Due to many competitors, the market is saturated. This situation increases competition for offers and customers.

Application fields

  • Hosting of websites
  • Offering online storage
  • Hosting of E-Mails
  • Management of contacts & calendars
  • Hosting of internet domains
  • Hosting of virtual or physical servers
  • Hosting of software systems, e.g. shops, CRM, CMS
  • Mobility in the real estate sector

Automated Invoicing

With the aim to keep customer turnover as low as possible, providers must constantly develop and optimise their business model – strongly oriented towards the market and customer needs. You can only fulfil this task if you automate time-consuming processes such as invoicing processes.


  • JustOn offers solutions

    • ✓ Automatic generation of mass invoices
    • Invoicing of complex business models
    • ✓ Tax compliant invoicing, worldwide




    • ✓ Invoicing of Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions
    • ✓ Invoicing of models based on subscriptions, one-time payments, commissions and discounts
    • Invoicing of usage data
    • ✓ Flexible configuration of price models
    • ✓ Self service functions

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