Automated invoicing processes as base for long-term business success

Energy transition and digitalization

E-mobility, decentralised energy generation and renewable energies – the energy sector has been undergoing a decisive transformation for several years. Supported by digitalisation, new business models are emerging and strongly changing the role of energy suppliers. One of the great challenges facing the industry is to rethink the traditional business model and discover new areas.

Future industry e-mobility

E-Mobility is a branch of industry that will closely link sectors such as the car, the energy and the software industry in the coming years. In addition to the production of e-mobiles, charging systems and adequate infrastructure will become just as important topics as invoicing of charging processes.

Automated Invoicing

In order to save costs and time, it’s advisable to automate billing & invoicing processes for e-mobility. With innovative software such as JustOn Billing & Invoice Management, different pricing models can be easily mapped and automatically invoiced.

  • JustOn offers solutions

    • ✓ Automatic generation of outgoing mass invoices
    • ✓ Monetizing of complex business models 
    • ✓ Analytics and reports




    • Billing of value added services
    • ✓ Invoicing based on subscriptions, one-time payments, commissions and discounts
    • ✓ Billing of usage data
    • Informative billing

More information

Intelligent charging and direct billing of electric vehicles

Since January 2019, we have been working with four strong science and industry partners to develop an innovative business and service model for optimising and billing charging processes in public car parks.


The focus of the research and development project is the question: What functions must a software system offer in order to charge vehicles effectively, invoice charging processes automatically and not completely overload electricity grids during peak times?

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