Market leading extensibility

JustOn is natively provided on the Salesforce platform It integrates 100% into Salesforce CRM, so that everyone in the organization can see what’s been invoiced, what’s been paid and what’s the contract situation.

JustOn provides 100% visibility on the most trusted, reliable and scaleable cloud platform –

JustOn plays nicely with any other app on AppExchange. It can be extended with other products, in order to gain self-service or e-commerce capabilities.

100% native is trusted by over 150.000 customers worldwide. JustOn is developed and provided on Salesforce platform and our clients profit from the unmatched reliability and security of the platform.

Flexible API

JustOn provides an API to bulk create usage data, to create and update subcription contracts and to create invoices from external systems, like your website.

Unlimited add-ons

There are a number of add-on products that we provide with JustOn, e.g. Self-Service and E-Commerce. JustOn also works with any other app that is provide on the Salesforce App-Marketplace AppExchange.