Invoices: automatically, fast, error-free

JustOn provides your finance department with the key to more time: It automates your daily tasks around issuing invoices to your customers. The e-invoicing generation is fully automated from collecting the right usage data until sending the correct invoice PDF to the customers.

The user can step in at any time to validate the results or change draft e-invoicing bills.

With JustOn you issue invoices instantly, collect your payments faster and gain visibility on the real revenue data for your whole organization. JustOn provides billing and e-invoicing that you will actually enjoy using.



Automated and event-driven invoice generation

Based on events, like an order has been received, a project is finished, usage data have been received or others, JustOn can start generating invoices. JustOn cares about running these automatic tasks based on your configuration. In a Salesforce CRM environment any information can be billed: opportunities, orders, contracts and custom objects.


  • Schedule automatic invoice runs with different billing periods (be-weekly, montly etc.)
  • Define the level of automation: just create draft invoices or send your e-bill immediately via email
  • Bill any information: opportunities, orders, contracts, custom objects, externally available data
  • Recurring billing based on subscriptions
  • Periodic billing based on usage data
  • Continuously update draft e-invoicing / e-bill as soon as new information is available



Stressless invoice management

View draft invoices, cancel invoices, refund collected payments or settle the funds with the next invoice, JustOn makes working with new e-invoicing stressless.


  • Create invoices, credit notes, proforma invoices
  • Supports multiple tenants in one organization, e.g. subsidiaries in other countries
  • Easy cancelation, partial credits and refunds
  • Full international support with multi-currency, tax rules etc.
  • Monitor the payment status of an invoice



Invoices and emails based on your corporate design (CD)

With JustOn you have unlimited layout possibilities with e-invoicing and much more. You can create various invoice templates to support different languages and locations.


  • Free configuration of invoice layout
  • Configure the invoice and email text
  • Define number and date formats
  • Configure how usage data are displayed on the invoice



E-distribute your invoices

JustOn supports multiple distribution channels: traditionally via mail or emailing a PDF document or via XML with integrating in e-invoicing platforms. The system can also be configured such the PDF is stored in external storages like Amazon S3 or Google Drive.


  • Distribute PDFs via mail and email
  • Store files in Google Drive, Amazon S3 etc.
  • Integrate with e-invoicing platforms
  • Archive your invoices in a compliant way