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Our pricing is based on your needs. How many invoices do you want to send per month? How many of your team members need access to JustOn Billing & Invoice Management? To which systems should your specially configured version of our billing software be connected? Choose the appropriate price package. We are happy to advise you.

Flexible And According To your Needs

  • Pro
  • $From 390€/mth.monthly
    • ✓ From 400 invoices/mth.
    • 1 User (**)
    • 1 Tenant
    • 1 Salesforce Enterprise user license
    • E-Mail and phone support




    • Additional licences:
    • User
    • Read only user
    • Tenants
    • Additional invoices

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  • Enterprise
  • $On requestmonthly
    • ✓ From 1.000 invoices/mth.
    • 5 User (**)
    • 10 Read only user
    • 1 Tenant
    • 1 Salesforce Enterprise user license
    • E-mail and phone support


    • Additional licenses:  
    • User
    • Read only user
    • Tenants
    • Additional invoices

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*) 1 Salesforce Professional user license provided

**) 1 Salesforce Enterprise user license provided

Our Pricing – Flexible And According To your Needs

  • Pro
  • $390 €/ month*monthly
    • ✓ 2.000 Invoices/ year
    • 1 Full access user
    • 1 Business entity
    • E-mail support


    • Additional licenses (pricing per month):  
    • +2.000 Invoices/ year = 49 €
    • Full access user +1.000 invoices/ year = 99 € 
    • Read only user = 15 €
    • JustOn Connector for DATEV = 59 €
    • Integration banking = 59 €
    • Integration payment provider = 59 €
    • Phone support = 29 €

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  • Enterprise
  • $1.500 €/ month**monthly
    • ✓ 10.000 Invoices/ year
    • 5 Full access user
    • 10 Read only user
    • 1 Business entity
    • JustOn Connector for DATEV
    • Integration banking
    • Integration payment provider
    • Integration other systems (SAP, SAGE etc.) possible
    • E-mail and phone support


    • Additional licenses (pricing on request):  
    • Additional invoices
    • Full access user and read only user
    • Connectors to other systems
    • Business entity

  • Get your individual offer

*) Price is valid for 12 months and annual advance payment.  Reduced price for non profit organisations possible.

**) Price is valid for 36 months and annual advance payment.

For free: Test JustOn for 30 days

Install JustOn and start immediatly

Installing JustOn

Do you want to install the JustOn app and try it for free?

  1. Go to our app profile on Salesforce marketplace AppExchange AppExchange.
  2. Click „Get it now“ to start and follow the JustOn installation.
  3. Follow the instructions and provide the required information.

Once the installation is finished, you will get an email notification. JustOn is directly accessible. The 30 day trial license will be generated automatically.

Getting started

Create your first invoice

The automated invoice run – the core concept of JustOn – makes your invoicing much easier. On just one click, you start it at the end of your accounting period. Test the invoice run by manually creating your first invoice

  1. Create an account with the required data.
  2. Create a subscription and combine it with your account.
  3. Activate your subscription and create at least one item to bill.

Ready. Create your first invoice by clicking “New invoice”. The invoice run considers all accounts with active subscriptions. The invoice will be created based on the account data (customer data, invoice items, tax infos) and the affiliated subscription data.

First Invoice

Which JustOn license do you need?

After the 30 days test trail you need an update to the regular JustOn license. We recommend to contact our customer success team to clarify the following main topics:

  1. Do you already use Salesforce? If so, what version and license model do you use?
  2. Which pricing model suits to your main challenges?
  3. In which way the JustOn team can support your individuel setup?
  4. Which payment provider do you plan to integrate?

Just contact us, we will answer these questions.


Getting familiar with JustOn

After logging in to Salesforce, call the JustOn app from the App Launcher. As you see, the JustOn user interface is seamlessly integrated in the Salesforce environment. You will find the standard Salesforce tabs like “Home”, “Account” or “Opportunities”, which let you access all your customers’ data.


In order to provide the invoicing features, JustOn adds a number of new business objects, along with the according UI elements. These additions allow you to easily manage the invoicing data and processes.


For more information, refer to Concepts. This page summarizes the main JustOn objects and outlines their basic interactions.

You need support to install or configure JustOn?

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