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JustOn Bank Payments connects Salesforce with banks and credit institutions: automatically, securely, without media breaks and without intermediaries.


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Payment management

Bank payment functionality for any payment request in Salesforce

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SEPA direct debit

Direct transmission from the Salesforce Org to your bank account

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Payment reconciliation

Automatic bank reconciliation process with your payment requests in Salesforce

JustOn Bank Payments – the direct way to your banks

Reconciliation of receivables and payments

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Payment Management via EBICS

JustOn Bank Payments for Salesforce stands for successful automation of payment processes on the Salesforce Platform. It seamlessly connects all Salesforce applications with all EBICS compliant banks and credit institutions: automatically, securely and without media breaks.

Automatic Payment reconciliation

After a certain number of transactions, manual matching of payment requests and payments is ineffective and highly error-prone. JustOn Bank Payments automatically reconciles all incoming payments with the open receivables and marks them as paid. 

Better Management of incoming payments

Automatic reconciliation reduces time and costs in the organisation of your Salesforce Org. At a glance, you have an overview of all transactions, payment processes and your cash flow.

Management of multiple Bank Accounts and Payments

Multibanking as Challenge

Most companies use several bank accounts to organize income and expenses in a purposeful and useful way. This decision to use so-called multibanking is correct in principle, but it involves a great administrative effort and is highly prone to errors.

Management of all bank accounts on one platform

This is exactly where our payment solution comes in. The application connects your Salesforce Org directly with your bank accounts. This means that you manage your accounts via a central platform and maintain an overview of all transactions.

Efficiency and Security

The automatic data transfer between Salesforce and your bank accounts reduces your administrative effort and thus increases the efficiency of your processes. European security standards ensure the protection of your sensitive financial data.

Multibanking über JustOn Bank Payments für Salesforce

Bank transfer and SEPA direct debit trigger

Überweisung über JustOn Bank Payments für Salesforce

Making bank transfers

With JustOn Bank Payments for Salesforce you transfer your payment data directly from the payment request to your bank account. Automatic assignment saves time and reduces the frequency of errors that occur when manually processing one-time or recurring payments.

Recurring payments as challenge

For companies that work on the basis of a business model with recurring payments, the direct debit process offers secure and fast payments. Until now, direct debit requests could only be managed and initiated directly via banks and credit institutions.

Triggering SEPA direct debits

Our Payment App brings the change: via the banking solution, SEPA direct debits can now be triggered directly from the Salesforce system – for both one-time and recurring payments. This means that all data is and remains in one system without manual intervention.

Compliant with European safety standards

EBICS Compliance

The banking communication via JustOn Bank Payments is compliant with all banks according to the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS). EBICS, the European standard meets all requirements for secure and flexible banking communication.

Secure and direct data transfer

Without media breaks and third-party provider you manage your payments: easy, automatic and without errors. Independent, you use the direct and secure path from your system directly to your banks.

Direct Transfer into the accounting system

After receiving the payment, it is directly reconciled with the matching payment request and the transaction could be transferred to the accounting system.


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JustOn is a german based software developer and Salesforce ISV partner, who offers the application JustOn Cardless Payment. The Company stands for successful automation of billing, invoicing and payment processes on the Salesforce Platform. Worldwide, well-known companies trust in the innovative software products. They help them to detect revenue leakage, to monetize any sales idea and to analyze their KPI.


Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that brings companies and customers together. More than 150,000 companies are increasing employee productivity, team collaboration, customer loyalty, and, most importantly, sales revenues using the world’s #1 CRM platform.

Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce is the leading provider of tools to help businesses find customers, win their business, and keep them happy for life. That’s why JustOn Cardless Payment is offered on Salesforce AppExchange the leading enterprise cloud marketplace. All Salesforce applications make it easy to connect your systems so you can build closer relationships with customers and grow your business faster than ever.

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