Great invoicing tool – easy setup, great flexibility and you keep in control!

We offer OnPremise and SaaS software on a subscription basis. The ability to manage subscriptions, creating them from opportunities or our product list and sending out recurring invoices was crucial to us. JustOn reduces the manual effort for the whole process significantly.

Searching for an automated subscription billing solution JustOn convinced us because of its data model and the simplicity in use. We could setup and use the tool with very little support of the JustOn team – the features are self-explaining. We started evaluating the tool in the second week of January, in the third week we sent all our recurring invoices for 2014!

Based on JustOn we now have an continuous process: with the automated setup of the client contracts, sending out invoices and collecting the payments.

You just feel “save” with such a tool in your hands. The JustOn team is smart and very friendly, keep up the good job!

(written by Dr. Thorsten Falk, Picture)


JustOn makes our subscriptions very easy to bill

We provide Internet services to our clients which we bill on a regular monthly basis. JustOn extends our Salesforce CRM with processes that are most needed: based on contracts we can easily generate a growing number of invoices without increasing our workforce for it. The support during the initial setup was great!

(written by Stefan Bures, metoda)

Heinze Akademie

We use JustOn to simplify and streamline our complex invoicing processes

As a private technical and vocational school with complex invoicing processes in the JustOn GmbH we have found an exceptional partner for managing our business. JustOn is a great extension to our Salesforce CRM. It helps us to simplify and streamline our invoicing processes. The support is great and the JustOn team really understand our business and what we are trying to achieve.

(written by Andrea Kaven, Heinze Akademie)

Sociomantic Labs

JustOn for automated invoicing

We use JustOn to automatically bill our clients based on contracts and usage data that we import from our backend system. The JustOn solution conviced us, because it was the only solution that could handle our special pricing model. The team helped us a lot with the integration and the setup of the system. With JustOn we save lots of time sending out hundreds of invoices within one day.

(written by Margit Vaaks, Sociomantic Labs)

Facelift bbt

We are happy with JustOn!

We use JustOn to invoice our customer projects which are based on time and material contracts. The invoices are automatically created based on the agreed hourly rate and the time sheet for the project. We selected the JustOn solution as it allows us to issue combined invoices for our project and subscription based business.

(written by Teja Töpfer, Facelift bbt)

The Code

Excellent product

We’ve been using JustOn for several months and are just going through an upgrade on to the latest version of the product. I’d echo all of the positive comments that other reviewers have made, great product and brilliant support from Marko and his team.

(written by Iain Clements, The Code)


We use JustOn in order to create our quotes, invoices and payment reminders and send them out via email. The price of the solution conviced us. Also, the JustOn Support team was of great help with tweaking JustOn to our needs. In the future we will integrate the billing solution with our Magento shop system.

(written by SalierDruck)

Kombinat Süd

JustOn – a real time saver!

We use the billing app from JustOn to manage the whole billing and payment process in our coworking space. With the integrated payment from PayPal it is effortless to create and send out a lot of small value invoices. It is just great to see that this app automates the whole process and we just have to collect the money 😉

(written by Benny Beyer, Kombinat Süd)