JustOn: Most flexible, standard billing solution and a great team

In an enterprise with a mixed system landscape of Salesforce, SAP, in-house billing system and others, JustOn allowed us to reduce data redundancy by one system. We gained a lot of opportunities in bringing Sales and billing data, system and processes closer together. Being used to an in-house billing solution we had build to our own individual needs, JustOn allowed us to get a standard solution in, while all individual needs could be covered by custom code. The biggest challenge for the implementation had been our very complex, non-standard business price rules that required being most flexible for future adjustments and updates. Our invoicing is a recurring monthly billing based on usage data imported from our own production. We are convinced that we have made the right decision with the JustOn App based on an open platform (Salesforce). We are more than satisfied with the JustOn team being very experienced, professional and great to work with.

(written by Ethel Gürthen, Aol.Platforms)

Visual Meta

Excellent product and support

The billing solution of JustOn was capable to realize all our requirements, existing workflows and to improve the automation of our processes. We were able to strengthen our cross-departmental work between Sales and Finance due to a perfect integration in Salesforce. Big advantage is the possibility to customize the system in every direction which is needed. Support was awesome at all time and helped us a lot to manage this big project switching to a new system environment.

(written by Annegret Schwarz, Visual Meta)

Service Partner ONE

Adaptive and customizable billing solution

We’ve implemented JustOn as our sole invoicing solution and have been very happy ever since. It is a very flexible product that we customized to fit our business model. Besides invoicing, we also make use of many functionalities like exports, dunning or payment matching. Support has been helpful and very quick to react. All in all, we are very satisfied customers and can’t recommend JustOn enough.

(written by Service Partner ONE)

InFlight Corporation

Amazing support!

This very easy-to-implement invoicing solution streamlined our billing while providing greater visibility across the entire invoicing/ billing process. Highly recommend this solution. We read several reviews here that indicated the support was top tier and its true, Just.on support really goes above-and-beyond to ensure customer success.

(written by John Bonin, InFlight Corporation)

Joblocal (FUNKE-Mediengruppe)

Great App – great support

Nothing to add, just that simple. Easy to install, a bit need of support for the first step, but support is quick and qualitive. Would always recommend to use that. We are issuing actually around 100 invoices a month with multiple templates.

(written by Ralf Wittenberger, Joblocal (FUNKE-Mediengruppe))


Great Billing Solution for SaaS subscriptions – perfect roll out support

We are using JustOn since 6 month now for our WW B2B SaaS subscription service for ~ 4.000 customers and I’m extremely happy with the product. Very good integration into Salesforce and the solution is tailored to your needs while still being flexible for changes. We had great support for the roll out and I can only recommend it.

(written by Christopher Winkle, TrustYou)


Easy setup, easy to scale, great support, perfect for SaaS

Billing a SaaS Solution with native Salesforce features has been quite complex, JustOn has solved this problem for us. We had it up and running in no time, and have been happily using it for 5 months. Support has always been quick and efficient, and Marko and his Team helped us a lot integrating JustOn into our setup!

As a quickly growing SaaS company we needed a solution that starts right where we were at the time with a lot of room for the increasing complexity of our billing process. This need was more than met by JustOn.

(written by Christopher Brown, SHORE)


Great tool – highly recommended

We have implemented JustOn for a market place and are very happy. The tool is very flexible to different business cases. We are very satisfied with the great help on implementing the tool and the support.

We can recommend this great app!! Thanks a lot to the JustOn Team!

(written by Jens Ehne, L’ArcoBaleno)


Great product and very good implementation and support

I would like to share the excellent experience i had with the Team of JustOn from the beginning. I had a super fast implementation phase and then the support team was always responsive in order to get bills out in the beginning. So i can only recommand getting JustOn into Salesforce for anyone. Knowledgeable team and very impressive product.

(written by Alexander Ramseier, Futurebuilt)

HQ plus

Invoices based on subscription contracts – JustOn saves us a lot of time

Until we found JustOn we were manually creating invoices through Excel. After installing the tool from Appexchange we can now bill our subscription based business directly in Saleforce using JustOn. The tool integrates with our sales processes and creates subscriptions automatically from the opportunity information. This is just great as it saves us a lot of time. The JustOn team has been very helpful, and they worked with us to figure out every step along the process with the flexibility to meet your organizational needs, requirements, and operations. Thank you!

(written by Roland Hehn, HQ plus)